One thought on “Terryl Givens on Mormons at the Forefront”

  1. Here’s the money quote:

    “We feel no need for “greater conformity with the orthodox Christian consensus.” Indeed, the Christian consensus is fluid and, in some cases, has lagged behind the Mormon model.”

    I love the divergent pluralism implied by the first half. I hate the convergence of progression implied by the latter.

    Yes, we feel that we are under no obligation to conform to the Christian consensus. I would say the exact same thing for the orthodox consensus in science. This is exactly why I’m so suspicious of apologetics, in that they clearly do feel a need for a greater conformity – or convergence – with orthodox science. Indeed, I’m not sure “who lags behind who” is a game that Mormons will want to play with science – nor should they want to play it with anybody since it presupposes an agreed upon – and therefore almost certainly secular – measure of “lagging”.

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