Interview with Blake Ostler

There’s a podcast interview with Blake Ostler at Mormon Discussion.1 While I disagree with Blake on a few things (primarily the King Follet Discourse) I think he’s been a tremendously important voice within Mormon theology. He’s raised very important ideas such as the idea that inspired commentary was added as part of the Book of Mormon translation process. Agree or disagree with him but he’s always a must read.

What’s best about what Blake has done is to actually publish his arguments in an easy to access format so people can engage with them. There have been lots of great ideas and thinkers out there. But often the arguments are lost as they simply don’t get distributed broadly. Anything we can do to fix that is helpful.

On a related note Ben Huff told me that SMPT’s Element will be widely available on the SMPT site. (I’ll post more on this later when I have more time)

  1. I don’t know much about this podcast, and haven’t listened to the interview yet.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Blake Ostler”

  1. I liked the Ostler interview.
    It’s good news that Element is going to be widely available. I’m just waiting to hear how widely. I just recently learned that issues up to 2009 are available at

    1. Yes, I don’t know how Ben is going to do that. I actually host the SMPT site and Ben was working on it last week. The Element issues aren’t on the site proper, although the 2013 SMPT audio files are.

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