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Best of the Day

Even though I’ve not had time to blog much the past 5 years I’ve still tried to keep up on most current events. I regularly post links I find interesting to App.Net.1 You can get my list of ADN links, without any discussion, via rss. I put retweets on Twitter regularly as well. A lot of these are the same links but without comment.

Unfortunately Tweets are so short that people assume retweets mean you agree with the link. Often I want to share links I disagree with but found interesting. I can do this on ADN but not Twitter at the moment. I figure I can do that here as well.

I likely won’t have all the links I put up on ADN but I’ll probably put up a lot with very brief comments for each. If I want to say more I’ll just make a full post.2 There’s a bit more today than normal and there are more political ones than science. Normally politics makes up only about ⅓. 

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  1. Yes ADN is not dead. There’s not the huge community there was a year ago but those who remain really enjoy it as a Twitter alternative. The remaining community is quite strong. There’s still new work being done on the network. Come check it out. You might like it.
  2. This may just be a way for me to shift my discussions from ADN to a blog again. I don’t know. Hopefully it’ll get me posting here more regularly though.